Size Matters 4 Door Tee (Sml/Lrg/XL)

$20.50 - $22.50 Sold Out

Black & White Inks on Light Pink Tees
Limited to 50 pieces

This tee is 1 of 3 new tees that we have ran using a new brand of pre-shrunk tees that were washed, dried and worn to test against 4 other brands with these coming out on top- fitting and looking much more true to size than our old stuff out of the dryer with the quality of the tees being consistent before and after as well. If you purchase one, we would love to hear your feedback! The first 40 tees (All 3 new designs) purchased from this drop are shipping with a free retired piece (sticker, air freshener, or pin) as a thank you for your support as we attempt to improve Jimmy Up with these changes!