Feb 8th, 2024

The first post: A little bit of history

Jimmy Up is a brand I started just out of high school after buying my first s13. It was an automatic, red, pignose hatch for TEN easy payments of $100 made to a high school friend, while I was working at shakey's, going into the summer of 2006. Drifting was introduced to me by an early adopter here in the states, someone that I am still lucky to call a friend to this day. He had an older brother and cousin building cars for the very first USA D1 driver search and would show me videos in graphic arts class, and we would just google different drift cars, instead of finishing our assignments. I summized that the S-Chassis was the prettiest of them all, and I needed to try drifting.

I got on to look for parts and knowledge on these cars that had stolen my heart, and I found both, in heeps. The first hatch was sold on that forum for a profit and I started hunting for a 5 speed immediately. A little over a year after combing more threads than I could count, I had my 5 speed hatch, I had learned enough to feel comfortable ripping into it and had absolutely 0 extra dollars to chase any of the dreams I was googling and seeing on zilvia. And thus, Jimmy Up was born. As a means to get on the track, to go to one of these "Balcony" events I was seeing on the forum. I started putting ideas on that forum, gauging interest from the community and people wanted my simple design offered in purple ink on black tees or black on white. The gold leaf that I still use to this day is the same that the first ever stickers were cut from. I walked into a local sticker shop and asked to see their flashiest materials. They said the gold was ordered for a customer that never picked it up and that it had been sitting for a while. It was perfect. 

Fast forward to 2024, 18 years later: I have owned 15 S-Chassis in my life and 2 Z33's. I fell in love with drifting and creating for the community and I never looked back. 

I'll say more here soon, but for now, here is a pic of me on Balcony from 2010, credit: Nguyen Bui.